A foundation you can rely on.

Dr. Zwissler Holding AG combines the innovative capability of medium-sized enterprises with the strength of a global corporation.

Our holding company comprises 15 high-performing companies with operational centers in Europe, North and Central America and Asia. From our headquarters in Gerstetten in Baden-Württemberg, we support them in developing viable strategies for success, thereby ensuring sustainable growth for the entire Group.

The subsidiaries of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG form two groups, each occupying a leading position in its sector. The companies in the zwissTEX Group develop, manufacture, finish and laminate textiles for the automotive sector as well as many other industries that use technical textiles. The members of zwissSUN, by contrast, produce a wide range of shading solutions with unique properties – from awnings to vertical blinds.

Dr. Zwissler Holding AG has existed in its present form since 1994. We have grown at a controlled rate and are securely positioned as a result of targeted investment. This enables our companies to achieve their primary objective: to make their customers’ lives that little bit better every day with innovative, reliable, high-quality solutions.