Our formula for success: The guiding principles of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG.

Our group of companies follows unique principles. This not only sets us apart from the rest – it also makes us a bit better every day.

What makes us what we are: our values.

The values of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG are the raw material for our success. They determine our actions within the group of companies – both in everyday business and in far-reaching decisions. They define us and set us apart from the rest. That’s why we are proud of our values and strive to live by them every day.

What makes us better: our guidelines.

Our guidelines act as a common thread, propelling us to a successful future. The fact that we are all moving in the same direction and pursuing the same goals means that we can concentrate our energies. Together, we are creating the foundation for a strong future for all the companies in Dr. Zwissler Holding AG.

With innovative, reliable, high-quality solutions, we are making life more beautiful, enjoyable, safe, functional and convenient for our customers.

  • We put a lot into our employees – and ask a lot of them too. We give people responsibility so that everyone can develop their skills within the company.
  • ​We continually work on developing our core competencies: the highest quality, the strictest possible adherence to delivery schedules, individual solution expertise and excellent customer management. This is how we create the foundation for conquering new markets.
  • We ensure a balanced mix of product innovation and increased productivity.
  • We operate sustainably in all business segments.
  • We always offer a fair price-performance ratio.
  • In addition to our main segments of surface textiles and sun protection, we remain open to new business segments.
  • We think and act globally. In doing so, we always follow the rules and regulations in force.