Sustainability is already part of the plan.

A responsible approach to mankind and the natural environment guides our actions at Dr. Zwissler Holding AG.

We see Dr. Zwissler Holding AG as more than just a commercial entity. We also see it as a place built by people for people. For this reason, we always put people front and center of the key strategic issue of sustainability.

For us, sustainability begins with personal responsibility – for one another, for our resources and for the production processes within the Group. This is the only way to gain real, long-term trust – from you and from all other stakeholders, and that means from the biggest customer to the newest employee.

To reduce our ecological footprint, we are continually working on making production more efficient and sparing of resources. In doing so, we are looking hard at well-established practices and opening up new possibilities for creating better products. We are also intensifying the open dialogue we enjoy with our stakeholders to access opportunities in untapped markets and increase shared value. This makes us a partner that can take you even further – by truly practicing sustainability.