zwissTEX  |  News | 22. July 2018

Ground-breaking ceremony at zwissTEX

zwissTEX GmbH constructs with futuristic textile facade

Heldenfingen, 19 July 2018: With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony zwissTEX GmbH has started the construction of it’s new office and production building. On a property neighbouring it’s subsidiary Zoeppritex, zwissTEX is erecting a two-story building according to the architectural design of Peter Schweizer and Barbara Heilmeyer, offering ample room for innovation on 3000 square meters of administration area and 8000 square meters of production area.

The new building will host employees of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG, zwissTEX GmbH and subsidiary Gertex. „We record increasing growth in the technical textile sector and will expand our existing infrastructure accordingly. The conditions at the present location in Gerstetten will no longer fulfill our future requirements“ says Marc W. Lorch, spokesman of the executive board, Dr. Zwissler Holding AG, and managing director of zwissTEX.

Building with textiles

The world of textiles contains more than fabrics or clothing. It has influenced many other business sectors, in which hightech-textiles are increasingly used in substitution and in addition to usual construction materials. „Also we at zwissTEX busy ourselves with this future market and therefore integrate textiles into the construction of our new building. We are all the more delighted to have won Professor Werner Sobek for the development of the new building’s facade. Mr. Sobek is a specialist in the field of textile construction“ says Lorch. For the construction project Professor Werner Sobek has desgined a textile facade which will gently encase the office parts. The textile case imparts a light and semi-transparent appearance to the building. It is flexible and may act as sun protection if needed. The facade will strengthen the entire construction, will offer a concise appearance, and contribute to the building’s sense of identity.