zwissTEX  |  News | 11. June 2018

Investment in Feinjersey - Expansion of zwissTEX

zwissTEX GmbH acquires a 40% share in Feinjersey Colours GmbH & Co KG.

Based in Rankweil, Austria, Feinjersey Colours is numbered among the leading european textile finishers and processors. Their performance portfolio ranges from dying, bleaching, thermosetting to resin finishing of knitted and elastic woven fabrics. Feinjersey Colours is part of a both strong and circumspect group. As such it also maintains elaborate management programs to uphold high quality, environmental, and safety standards.

„By acquiring these shares we leap forward – lastingly and sustainably strengthening our innovative capacity and thereby sustaining our further progression“, says Marc W. Lorch, CEO of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG. „The performance spectrum of Feinjersey Colours perfectly compliments our production range and serves as another vital step towards our goal of offering the greatest and most comprehensive textile solutions as a single provider. We are very happy to have acquired shares in Feinjersey – a finishing specialist and a strong partner to zwissTEX.